Foretelling the Future ?

Recently my friend and I had a discussion about revolutionary products that dramatically changed the world. Naturally we talked about the printing press, the telephone, the automobile, air travel, the telephone etc. Our conversation then progressed to what we thought the next big revolutionary product or development would be. My friend believed that the future […]

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Is word of mouth ticking away ?

Lately I have been resurrecting my passion for watches. Looking at used vintages pieces on eBay, reading articles and watching videos on watches. Yes, I know its nerdy, but I love it. However, it got me thinking how come none of the high-end luxury brands like Patek Philipe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantine etc. aren’t in the […]

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Europe Vs America

Since coming back from Europe, I get depressed when I yearn for a really good coffee. I don’t want to stand and wait in line or grab a boiling hot paper cup from a take out window. And then have to slurp that lousy coffee from a hole in a plastic lid at all my […]

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Two Weeks In

Recently I have been fortunate enough to travel through Paris and Austria, and yes it was amazing. Like stereotypically everyone I fell in love with France. From the classy cafes, to the architecture and bridges, to the music and lifestyle it was all so attractive and fascinating, not to forget the food. Yet I feel […]

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