Two Weeks In

Recently I have been fortunate enough to travel through Paris and Austria, and yes it was amazing. Like stereotypically everyone I fell in love with France. From the classy cafes, to the architecture and bridges, to the music and lifestyle it was all so attractive and fascinating, not to forget the food. Yet I feel I  only scratched the surface with my short stay, like the deeper core of the romantic city was still awaiting for me, echoing in my ear.

Being a  tourist in one of the most expensive cities in the world on a student budget, wasn’t easy. Especially how our place of stay was located around the Eiffel Tower, where of course all business would increase prices to empty tourists wallets. It seemed like every square meter was strategically planned and analyzed to get to most traffic from tourists. Selling everything from crepes, to candied peanuts to little Eiffel towers and nick knacks.

While writing this I just noticed that we would only chose cafés that were on a corner of a street with patio. Location is everything when it comes to a restaurant or café. The view, the scenery, the ambiance it all has to work together. The signing too, is restrained ,classy and clean compared to over branded loud shouting and bright North American counterparts.

I especially miss the restaurants, how they would advertise the daily menus during noon. It really caught my attention and thought “oh yeah that sounds good i’ll try that” besides being often promoted at a lower price. I miss the level of high service, where even the staff would ask you if you had any questions about the menus even if you were taking just a quick look at it from the outside window. Or how fluid the waiters were almost dancing between the hectic and chaotic restaurant floor where busy tourists would rush in.

I’m only two weeks in after my winter adventure and yet im still missing Europe, see you soon till next time.





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