Europe Vs America

Since coming back from Europe, I get depressed when I yearn for a really good coffee. I don’t want to stand and wait in line or grab a boiling hot paper cup from a take out window. And then have to slurp that lousy coffee from a hole in a plastic lid at all my red lights. I want to sit, savour and enjoy a good, strong, perfect coffee in a china cup served on a silver oval plate with a small glass of water, cookie or chocolate on the side and look out on an interesting or beautiful view. I miss the quiet, relaxing ambience with mellow background music and the accompanying quiet chatter of other happy guests.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I realize that the North American coffee market is dominated by chains like Tim Horton’s, Starbucks and Second Cup where the customer frequency is higher than European privately owned cafes. Despite the higher customer frequency in North America, I would argue that European cafes have a higher and more loyal customer retention. They build a relationship with their clients based on their excellent personal service, extra touches(newspapers, magazines, free pastry of the day) and just their good social feeling camaraderie. I think one of the reasons why European cafes are so different vs North American cafes is because of culture. Coffee consumption in Europe is something to be enjoyed and savour where as North America is a way to get your quick caffeine. “Americans typically have their coffee on the go as a crutch to help them tackle busy days with their caffeine fix conveniently in hand.”


However, I would argue that this hole is slowly being filled in  North America by  building a strong community and networking their organization through smart media tactics. Having a blog updating consumers on what is new and relevant in the organization is huge. Using social medias like Instagram, Facebook or customer satisfaction surveys to leave positive feedback or to learn more about the company is vital. Its creating a community through these networks and that’s what drives a successful business, it’s to build a relationship.
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