“Hypebeasts” waiting days in line for a T-shirt

Going with the trend from last week, I think one interesting topic to talk about would be, “buzz marketing.” There are a few brands that I like to keep up to date with like Supreme, Apple and Adidas. It seems crazy how they create this “hype” about their products, products, which so often leads to excited fans waiting in line for days before the release date. These obsessed customers wait, sleep and practically live on the sidewalk to be the first to grab a new product. To me, this behaviour just seems so strange and abnormal. I can’t really fathom or understand this crazed obsession and phenomenon. However, I will try by examining why so many people are obsessed and hooked on Supreme.


For those who don’t know Supreme, it a skateboarding/ streetwear clothing brand. One of the reasons why they create so much hype is through supply. Keeping supply low is an effective way to create demand. Musa Ali, a Supreme collector, explains: “In some regards, what makes people want to buy Supreme is the competitive, social aspect—to be able to go out in public and feel like you’re less likely to be wearing clothes that everyone else is wearing.” The company is also a heavy user of social media, whereby they create and release teasers, adding a sense of mystery or showing behind the scene footage. This all creates buzz about the eventual product, creating a thirst and longing. It’s not just the exclusivity or the prestige of having something Supreme, it’s also a lifestyle. Supreme represents authenticity, cool and something chill. Customers purchase their products on the basis that they have cultural knowledge and the connection it has with the clothing. Together with rappers like Kanye West, sporting giants like Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan or sexy models like Kate Moss, that these customers have some sort of understand or appreciation of .




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