Jctavezzeolrna-The Future is HERE!

Close your eyes and imagine relaxing in your hammock on a hot summer day with a frosty, cold beer at your side. You can hear the monotonous hum of your neighbour’s lawnmower, but do you feel guilty? NO WAY!! Your lawn is being cutand fertilized at this very minute by the revolutionary Swedish Jctavezzeolrna- or Vezzeol for short, the incredible, new robot lawnmower by BioPartez Inc. Sweden that does it all. So while you relax and enjoy summer your “Vezzeol” is turning your lawn into the envy of the neighbourhood and the equal of the most exclusive country club. First class, world renowned Swedish engineering has designed a robot mower with a state of the art quality blade system that not only cuts grass but cuts so finely that the grass cuttings actually fertilize your lawn. As a result, your grass is lush, hardy and resistant to weeds, crab grass and moss. No batteries to charge or gas tank to fill, your “Vezzeol” is powered by extremely high functioning solar panels. So not only do you feel good about your lawn but great about doing your part for the environment with your revolutionary, clean energy lawn maintenanceBN-NN210_mowweb_GR_20160412151533 copy.jpg

Disclaimer! Jctavezzeolrna and BioPartez Inc. are made-up words. and this post is written for an in-class exercise on “Search Engine Optimization” for MKTG4436 @ Nipissing University

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