Foretelling the Future ?

Recently my friend and I had a discussion about revolutionary products that dramatically changed the world. Naturally we talked about the printing press, the telephone, the automobile, air travel, the telephone etc. Our conversation then progressed to what we thought the next big revolutionary product or development would be. My friend believed that the future would be dominated by pharmaceuticals, that there would be so many incredible advances in the field of medicine that catastrophic injuries (spinal cord injuries), and many incurable diseases (alzheimer’s, cancer etc) would be treated and cured. Although I agreed with my friend that these changes would most likely come about some time in the future, I argued that the next remarkable, around the corner world changing product would come from the field of augmented reality.

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041     Augmented reality technology or AR “enhances the physical environment you see by overlaying virtual elements, such as information or images over it, either through displays such as Halolens and Google Glass or through the camera view on your smart phone”.Already being used, ever changing tech advances in AR will even more vastly change the fields of healthcare, education, the military and entertainment.However, I’m most intrigued by how AR will transform marketing. As of now, AR is being employed by such diverse companies as Ikea, Nike, Ray Ban etc.

   But what if companies could specifically target you, your lifestyle, your tastes, your habits, your goals?  Advertising and marketing would be an extremely personal experience. Push marketing would eventually become obsolete and pull marketing would be the norm. AR consumers would be connected and informed on sales, special events, new trends in merchandise that exactly met their passions and needs. Imagine travelling to a new city and being guided personally to hotels, restaurants and shopping locations geared to appeal to you, your tastes, your price range etc. Eventually, billboards, commercials, ads and other mass media conventional advertising and marketing would become outmoded and old school. Let see what happens and where the future will take us





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